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Octiv Digital is pleased to announce that starting early January 2020, we are officially opening two new offices in both the Salt Lake City, Utah and Phoenix, Arizona markets and will begin offering our full range of services.

Why Salt Lake City & Phoenix?

With many years of experience in both of these booming metropolitan areas, our expertise can help your business compete and succeed in a crowded digital space.

While we serve the Sacramento, CA region, we also cater to clients all over the country including Chicago, Miami, Atlanta, Phoenix and Salt Lake City. Expanding to offer our products to additional regions will enable our reach into these markets and will help small business owners find us.

With the expansion comes our full list of services including:

Octiv Digital Expansion

Who Is Octiv Digital?

We’re a team of web developers and marketers who understand the importance of SEO, PPC, effective web design and interpreting web analytics.

We understand the importance of small businesses in our communities, which is why we work tirelessly to provide business owners an affordable and competitive advantage in digital marketing.

And while we can’t physically be in every city, we proudly provide our services to business owners wherever they may reside.

Find out more about us here:

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