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How to Start an E-Commerce Business

How to Start an E-Commerce Store in 2022

With the rise of social shopping apps like Instagram and Shopify, it has never been easier to start a business. If you’ve got a passion for something, all you need is an idea and some creativity to really get it off the ground. However, with the proliferation of new tools and opportunities, the old-fashioned way…
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SEO vs. PPC: What’s Best for Business?

Much like everything else these days, your business doesn’t really exist if it doesn’t exist online. So having a website is an absolute must. But a website is not worth much without any visitors. The question, then, becomes – how will you attract those visitors? Typically, the choice boils down to two alternatives: SEO to boost organic…
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7 Tips to Optimize Google Display Campaigns

7 Tips to Optimize Google Display Campaigns

When it comes to paid advertising campaigns, there are a few different types of campaigns available to advertisers in Google Ads. Google Shopping campaigns are a must-have for e-commerce brands, any business can use text ads and advertisers…

Google Ads Rep Alludes to Relationship Between Ad Spend & SEO

A salesperson for Google Ads was recently caught claiming that investing in Google Ads will result in improved rankings. This has long been discussed by marketers over the years and Google has (for the most part) denounced this theory…

Stepping Back Into Pay Per Click Advertising

As the country begins opening up again and businesses get back to work, a lot of business owners ask “how can we get back in to pay per click ads?” The answer is there are a few different approaches depending on the type of business and the products or services offered. Businesses may want to…
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Google Free Product Listings

Google to Offer Free Product Listings Again

Free Product Listings As a Response to Covid-19 As a response to the pandemic and the toll it’s taking on many retailers (big businesses and smaller shops included), Google is re-introducing its free product listing service. Free product listings will display in Google’s Shopping hub while other areas will remain paid through Google Ads. According…
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Getting Started with the Facebook Ads Pixel

Facebook is the social media network everyone and their dog use (in some cases, literally). Because of its wide reach and number of users across the globe, it’s also the perfect advertising platform for businesses who seek to attract customers outside of Google. The platform is also very popular due to its retargeting capabilities. What…
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Google Shopping Example

Low Hanging Fruit for Product Listing Ads

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday already here, all of the hard marketing work is ready to pay off. Most marketers have been busy spending their time creating campaigns, aligning priorities, managing vendor relationships and establishing sales for the year’s two big shopping days. As one of the most important shopping days of the year…
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3 Essential Tools for Google Shopping

3 Essential Tools to Succeed With Google Shopping Campaigns

Google Shopping campaigns are one of the most effective forms of advertising for online retailers. Google invested a lot of time and energy in recent years to polish its product and enable advertisers to really grow their retail business. The Basics of PLAs Unlike standard search ads, shopping campaigns utilize product data for ad creative…
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How to Prioritize Performance Marketing In Q4

It’s October 3rd, but more importantly, we’re three days into Q4. For most performance marketers, Q4 is the most important time of the year. It’s inclusive of online shopping days like Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Green Monday (yes – this is a thing invented by eBay). Advertising budgets open up and marketers utilize every…
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