Enterprise SEO

What is Enterprise SEO?

Enterprise SEO applies to large websites operating an e-commerce store like Best Buy or Amazon. In the example below, these domains are able to rank for a very high-volume query (digital camera) through a very well-developed SEO plan that consists of several different factors. If you have ever wondered how a site can rank for such difficult search terms, this is where enterprise SEO strategy comes into play.

e-commerce SEO

Because e-commerce sites have hundreds (sometimes thousands) of pages consisting of category, brand and product URLs, a more robust search engine optimization strategy is required to get it right for Google and Bing. And if you fail to get it right through technical implementations or mismanagement of content, your rankings could end up looking like this retailer’s:

Organic Rankings Declining

This particular retailer began using shared product descriptions rather than investing into unique content and saw a sharp decline in their rankings due to a clear duplicate content penalty from Google.

How to Get it Right with Large-Scale SEO

At Octiv, we take a holistic view of your site’s performance in Google against your key competitors, perform a thorough technical analysis of the site (page speed, canonical tags, crawl traps, faceted navigation, etc.), conduct a content audit of the site (for all page types) and develop an action plan to implement changes. There is no perfect step-by-step approach to getting enterprise SEO right; rather, it takes an in-depth understanding of how your site operates by knowing everything from its technical characteristics to the steps taken to publish a new product page.

Once on-page optimizations are implemented in the initial discovery phase of the engagement, we dive into the site’s off-page presence. Off-page includes finding and acquiring links from relevant sites, cleansing of spammy links (disavowing links) and understanding your social media presence.

Results That Matter

Through a solid on-page plan and forward-thinking off-page strategy, you’re guaranteed to see better rankings and visibility in search engines. Proper SEO of a large website shows results shows through increased traffic, orders and of course, sales. Organic improvement can also benefit other marketing channels like paid search, social media and direct traffic.

Pricing for Enterprise SEO

Enterprise SEO results can take a bit of time to show and because each retailer is facing a different set of challenges, we handle all e-commerce clients on a project-by-project basis. We will take an in-depth look at your site, assess the most common challenges and create a customized proposal for you.

How to Hire An Enterprise SEO Consultant

If you are looking to hire a new SEO consultant for your e-commerce business and have questions, be sure to check out this helpful video from Google’s Maile Ohye: