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The results of our work is what really matters. We’re happy to show off projects for our clients, whether they are big or small. Check out some of the case studies below and let us know if you have any questions about how you can achieve similar results.

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Local SEO Case Study: Chicago’s Luxury Real Estate

Chicago's Luxury Real EstateChicago’s Luxury Real Estate is a website operated by Sheldon Salnick of the Chicago-based real estate firm, Dreamtown. The domain had a long-running history of technical issues, acquiring spammy backlinks and not having a strong local presence in the Chicago market. When we first started working with Sheldon in 2015, the site was not ranking for any target keyword and the agent was overly invested in paid search ads to compensate.

After resolving the site’s technical SEO issues, disavowing spammy backlinks and implementing a new IDX* partner, the next step was to develop a content plan for realistic keywords the site could compete with. Knowing the search engine results page was filled with competitors like Zillow and Trulia, we crafted content to focus on specific Chicago neighborhoods and types of homes, all pivoting on luxury as the keyword modifier.

Today, the site ranks for very competitive terms including Chicago luxury condos, Chicago penthouses and Chicago downtown real estate. We also implemented real estate agent structured data markup and have achieved featured snippet results:

Featured Snippet Results

E-Commerce SEO Case Study: SEO Case is an online retailer of decorative lighting and home decor. The company competes with large retailers including Wayfair, Lamps Plus and Home Depot. As you might imagine, the keyword targets were very competitive and required the creation of large amounts of SEO-focused content to establish the site as an authority in the space for both head terms and long-tail queries.

We were able to prioritize and place thousands (yes, thousands) of pieces of copy on the site to cover category pages, brand pages and “how to” content to guide shoppers in their journey.

The project required ongoing keyword research, content development, working with the internal marketing team, making technical SEO enhancements and working with the team creating product content to ensure the brand’s voice was dialed in.

From Nowhere to Page One - SEMRush

After implementing technical enterprise SEO changes, deploying the content marketing strategy outlined above and implementing technology partners like Botify* and Bloomreach*, the site’s average rankings for the most competitive keywords moved to the first page of Google. Rankings for keywords like modern chandelier, ceiling fans and pendant lighting all moved into prominent positioning on page one.

With the ranking increases came new and unique traffic (averaging 70,000 organic visits per week) and of course, increased sales. The company is now a dominant player in the lighting and home decor market, and continues to enhance its content to challenge new competitors.

Enhancing Product Listing Ads

Lumens was also in need of revamping its product listing ads program through Google Shopping. The company had worked with various agencies and celebrated wins here and there, but was missing a long-term game plan for really being competitive in the space. We started managing PLAs through Google’s automated bidding solution, tROAS, and through optimizing the brand’s raw product data through Feedonomics*. Through enhanced product titles, inserting keywords into the data and ensuring feeds were automated, the next step was to rebuild the company’s PLA account.

After rebuilding campaigns to drive the most traffic to the company’s most profitable products and divert wasted ad spend from less popular products, we were able to grow revenue by 20% year-over-year and improve ROAS from 250% to 350% based on the company’s attribution model (position-based). The brand’s impression share has remained consistent while all other KPIs have grown positively and ad spend has been reduced.

Paid Search Case Study: Liberty Appliance Service

Liberty Appliance ServiceLiberty Appliance Service is a local appliance repair company in Salt Lake City, UT. The company knew it had to have an online presence, but was struggling to understand where its marketing budget was going and how exactly to measure the ROI. After digging into the company’s PPC account, we discovered a wealth of opportunity and ways to save the company ad spend.

We rebuilt the account structure into exact-match campaigns and broad-match modifier campaigns, followed by targeting the company’s geographic service area and establishing settings to try to reaching the perfect customer.

We also provided reporting and traffic analytics consulting so the business owner knew exactly where his ad spend was going. Additionally, we leveraged call extensions in Google Ads to properly understand how often keywords were leading to phone calls. Once the campaigns went live, we provided further ongoing optimizations and delivered the business owner leads on a daily basis.

Video Ads Case Study: Lynne Koy

Lynne KoyLynne Koy is a real estate office in Florida that was looking to grow its name in the national market, targeting locations like San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Boston and Los Angeles. To do so, the company partnered with another agency to launch a display banner campaign and unfortunately, did not see the results or leads they wanted.

The real estate agency was the perfect candidate for a YouTube campaign to get their brand in front of thousands of potential clients. Ad targeting on YouTube can be heavily targeted down to specific locations, household income tiers, gender and keywords, ensuring that they would be showing a branded ad to a very specific audience.

We worked with a 3rd party video editor to create the ad content itself, structured a campaign and launched it on YouTube. For a relatively low cost, the company was quickly receiving views, clicks and leads from a completely new audience on YouTube. The reach of the agency name is now at an all-time high and they are on track to have their best sales year ever.


Botify is an SEO software used to crawl large websites consisting of thousands of pages. The tool allows its user to quickly identify crawl issues and fix them.

Bloomreach is a third-party SEO software that enhances how pages are internally linked on a site. The tool identifies similar pages and builds anchor text internal links to those pages so as to increase their visibility.

Feedonomics is a data feed management platform used for Google product listing ads, Amazon shopping and Pinterest shopping campaigns. The tool allows advertisers to enhance their data before it goes out to its respective advertising platform.

IDX is short for internet data exchange and is a real estate listing service accessed by any real estate site on the web. It’s a regional database that publishes listings to websites and requires a subscription by real estate agents.