Web Design & Development

Web Design & Development

Why A Website Is Important

In many ways, a website is your first introduction to a new customer. Where business cards or traditional forms of advertising used to be the first impression a brand could make on a new customer, now it is a website.

A website allows you to maintain a presence online, put your work on display for new customers to see, offer all of your company’s product and service information and exists as a place for customers to discover you.

Do I Need a Website for My Business?

The short answer is yes!

Many small-to-medium sized businesses rely on sites like Facebook or Yelp to serve as their online business page. While this is a great move and it is highly recommended to have a social presence, you also want to have your own website where you can control all of your information, interact with users, host a blog and effectively “own” all of your branding.

Ask yourself this simple question:

How would customers find out about my business if Yelp or Facebook suddenly disappeared or my business pages were deleted?

Additionally, a website allows you to compete in organic search results (SEO) and is used for pay per click advertising in Google.

Using Wix, GoDaddy, Squarespace & Other Site Builders

There are solutions available to have a website created that are very template-based and therefore inexpensive. However, these site builders don’t allow much customization to really dial in your brand’s details and personality. Additionally, most out-of-the-box functionality of the various site builders is not SEO friendly. A site building tool is a great place to get started, but it will not offer the long-term solution you need.

Getting Started with a Customized Website

Take control of your design and branding with a customized solution.

Web Design

We develop information-based sites for small businesses on the WordPress content management system. Customized WordPress website designs are ideal for any industry including:

  • accounting & finance
  • agriculture
  • construction
  • food & beverage
  • healthcare
  • home & garden
  • legal
  • real estate
  • retail

We also develop custom sites for e-commerce stores through WooCommerce (on WordPress) or Shopify. Either system offers an easy user interface to manage products, inventory, pricing, promotions and more.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Design, Always

Each and every site we build is designed and tested across multiple devices and browsers to ensure it is responsive. Mobile traffic and mobile device usage has grown exponentially in the last few years making it critical to have a site that offers a high-quality experience for any screen size.

Desktop. Tablet. Mobile.

And because we are primarily a search marketing company, you can rest assured that we use mobile SEO best practices for every site we build.

Pricing for Web Design & Development

We offer competitively priced packages to get a website up and running for your business. From the beginning steps of domain name registration and hosting to developing a fully-functional, customer-facing and responsive website, we’re here to help.

We price customized website designs on a project-by-project basis depending on the functionality required (i.e., real estate, e-commerce, etc.). Hosting services are also available for an additional monthly or annual fee.

Site Migration Advice

Ongoing Site Maintenance & UX

We’re here to be your webmaster too.

In addition to developing your site and hosting it, we can provide ongoing content management services to keep WordPress updated, plug-ins updated and themes updated, as well as any content changes you may need. We will also continually improve your site’s user experience (UX) to help ensure visitors are well-engaged with your content.