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From HARO to Connectively: A New Platform for Quote Links

by | Last updated Apr 5, 2024

HARO is Now Connectively.us

Digital marketing is constantly moving, with new tools and platforms popping up left and right. A significant change that’s recently caught the eye of many in the SEO and link development world is the transition of Help A Reporter Out (HARO) to Connectively. This isn’t just a simple name change; it’s a significant shift that brings new opportunities and challenges for those looking to boost their online presence through quoted information on precious publications. Let’s explore what Connectively is, why it’s a big deal for SEO and link development, and why keeping up with this change is important.

What’s Connectively & Why It’s More Than Just a New Name

Imagine a place where journalists and sources meet to create unique content together. That’s what HARO started as, and Connectively is taking this to a new platform. Connectively makes it easier and more efficient for journalists to find suitable sources and for experts to get their voices heard. For those of us in SEO and content marketing, Connectively promises a smoother experience with better matching, a user-friendly interface, and tools to track how well our connections turn into valuable content and links.

How Connectively Builds On HARO’s Foundations

Connectively picks up where HARO left off, connecting journalists with sources but in a new environment. Think of more innovative matching algorithms, a cleaner interface, and a better way to see how your contributions are quoted in articles on major publications and news sites. Connectively means more opportunities for mentions in top-notch publications and higher-quality exchanges that benefit everyone involved.

The Big Deal About Connectively for SEO & Link Building

Enhancing Your Site’s Credibility and Visibility

The power of a link from a reputable source is gold to an SEO strategy. Connectively opens the door to earning these links by sharing your brand’s expertise. When you land a mention in a respected outlet, it doesn’t just bring eyes to your site; it tells search engines that you’re a credible authority, which can seriously lift your rankings.

Using Connectively In Your Link Development Strategy

Diving into Connectively with a game plan is essential. You’ll want to look for queries that match what you know and where you can shine. Quick and on-point responses can lead to linked mentions, which help your site climb up in search rankings.

Shaping the Future of Digital PR and Link Building

This transition from HARO to Connectively is a sign of the times, showing where digital PR and link building are headed. Connectively aims to raise the bar for the produced content, pushing us towards more authentic, authority-boosting practices. As search engines get smarter at spotting quality, tools like Connectively (and related platforms like Featured and Qwoted) are becoming indispensable for anyone looking to build links that genuinely matter.

How Much Does Joining Connectively Cost?

The Connectively platform offers a free and paid plan depending on the number of queries submitted. The paid option starts at just $19 / month.

Connectively Pricing

Learn More About Connectively

Create a profile on Connectively.us and begin familiarizing yourself with the platform. It’s similar to HARO, but you might find slight differences. You should begin seeing queries in no time and you can respond for a chance to earn a link from a highly valued and highly trusted publication.

Need Help with Connectively Link Development?

Following journalist queries in Connectively and related platforms like Featured and Qwoted is time-consuming. Submitting information to journalists as quickly as possible is imperative to increasing your chances of being quoted. For these reasons, business owners and in-house SEO managers call us for help responding to journalist pitches for expert sources. We align our pitches with your branding and communication style and ghostwrite on behalf of your brand or as your marketing manager. We also abide by specific link and traffic metrics to ensure our efforts improve your SEO.

Ready to learn more? Let’s start with a consultation.

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