Analytics Implementation & Consulting

What Are Web Analytics?

What is the point of using SEO and paid media advertising to drive qualified traffic to your site if you’re not properly measuring what your new users are actually doing on the site? We have heard countless stories of businesses working with a marketing agency to drive new traffic to a site and not understanding exactly how their investment is working.

Google Analytics ConsultingMarketing and web analytics, specifically through Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics, is used to interpret how your business is doing online. When you start advertising products and services, you must understand how your ad spend is contributing to the overall business and you can do so through analytics tracking.

Marketing analytics are used for both large, e-commerce focused websites and small-to-medium businesses operating at a local level. In both business types, it’s important to 1) have analytics tracking properly implemented and 2) understand how web analytics can impact business decisions for customers, marketing, content creation, etc.

Google Analytics Consulting

Using Google Analytics

While e-commerce analytics are a bit complex, every business should be using the standard (free) version of Google Analytics to really understand their online traffic.

Google Analytics allows you to see core behavioral metrics like the device a user came from, their geographic location, the marketing channel they came through and much more. With a proper understanding of the data in Google Analytics, you are able to make well-informed, data-driven decisions about your digital marketing.

Adobe Analytics Consulting

Using Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics is very similar to Google Analytics, but allows its users to slice and dice data in more thoughtful ways.

It includes additional metrics that you can tailor specifically for your business and employ different attribution models.

While it is not free like Google Analytics, it has more robust features that makes the cost easily worth it.

Pricing for Marketing Analytics Consulting Services

We offer data analytics consulting services on a project-by-project basis.

We’ll start with the basics, making sure you have the proper tracking code installed on every page of your site, assist with the implementation of Google Tag Manager, create helpful reports, coach you on how to view your own data, set up any required conversion funneling and automate as much reporting as possible for you. With the right understanding of your customer data and how they interact with your website, you will be enabled to make much smarter decisions for your business and marketing actions.


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