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Have you tried searching for your Los Angeles based business lately, only to find that you aren’t being show in Google search results?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a must-have digital marketing strategy for small-to-medium sized businesses in Los Angeles, CA who need to drive organic traffic from search engines like Google and Bing. Any business trying to grow its online presence stands to benefit from a sound SEO strategy and localized marketing plan.

Los Angeles SEO

What Is Los Angeles SEO?

L.A. County businesses all compete for new traffic from sources like Google. If you have searched for your brand or for keywords related to your type of business, you have likely noticed how saturated the result page can be with organic results and paid advertisements.

Being located in the second most populous U.S. city, It’s critical for your business to rank among your competitors and above citation sites like Yelp or TripAdvisor to stay competitive in a crowded marketplace. Optimizing your site’s pages for primary, secondary and tertiary keywords puts you in a spot to be competitive in search engine results.

A well-structured local marketing plan includes acquiring relevant links to your site too. We build placements on popular local directory sites, acquire links from sites relevant to yours and optimize an established Google My Business profile.

The Octiv Process for Los Angeles SEO Results

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Start with the Basics

A solid SEO strategy begins with a well-built, fully-optimized website developed on a Google-friendly content management system. Most small-to-medium sized businesses operate sites on homegrown systems or through WordPress, Joomla or Drupal.

We begin the process with a technical audit of the site, digging into specific page templates, meta data, images, understanding how the site is crawled and the average page speed of the site. We will then provide a variety of development tasks to implement that will in turn improve the health of the site.

Where is the Opportunity?

Next, we size up the opportunity for your business in the Los Angeles, CA market through extensive keyword and competitor research. We’ll identify the primary keywords you need to be ranking for, as well as the secondary and tertiary keywords the site can focus on. With a solid site structure and competitive research to work with, the next phase is to create a content optimization plan.

Content Is King

Most small business sites have minimal content and do not have a blog, which are both important to success on Google and Bing. We take inventory of your site’s existing content, identify the opportunity and implement a content plan for long-term growth. Content truly is king for SEO, but it also needs the right plan and execution strategy.


Once all of the on-page and content optimizations are in place, we’ll move forward with an off-page strategy. Off-page includes reviewing the links pointing to your site, removing harmful links, claiming and optimizing a Google My Business profile, acquiring new links and creating a social media strategy to work in line with SEO.

The Results

The results are what really matter for your Los Angeles, California business. While working through the phases above, we track rankings, impressions in Google (through the Google Search Console) and progress of how pages are being indexed. Most SEO campaigns take 60-90 days to show real results, but rest assured you are building toward your company’s long-term success.

How to Hire A Los Angeles SEO Company

Advancing your business into the world of digital marketing often requires a partner or agency to make sure you get it right. With any new agency comes questions while you do your due diligence to hire the best partner.

Look to this helpful video from Google’s Maile Ohye if you are trying to figure out how to hire a new marketing partner.

Who is Octiv Digital?

Octiv is an SEO company that works with small-to-medium sized companies throughout L.A. County.  We partner with businesses all over the United States including Sacramento, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Denver, and Portland.


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