Reputation Management

What is Reputation Management?

Reputation SEO Service

Reputation management is a form of SEO that works to improve negative impressions of a company, brand or individual through repositioning negative content in Google and similar search engines.

By de-ranking bad reviews and negative personal information in Google, you are able to preserve the digital reputation of your business or brand.

Common Reasons for Reputation Management

  • Suppressing negative web articles impacting business performance
  • Suppressing negative review sites impacting business performance
  • Suppressing content from competitors painting a bad picture of your business
  • Suppressing publicly available personal information (criminal records, bankruptcy information, divorce settlements, etc.)

While we cannot completely remove content from the web, reputation SEO works to suppress the negative information. Think of it as reverse SEO for the content you do not want displayed in search results.

Reputation Management

Take Back Your Online Reputation

Google indexes a lot of different types of content including links and articles that may paint a bad picture of you or your business. Most of the time, the content that paints a bad picture is circumstantial and is not a true representation of you. To retain your reputation, you want to suppress the negative results in favor of positive information.

Reputation SEO begins by finding the noteworthy pieces of content online that tell your story in a positive light. This might mean promoting positive customer reviews, social media profiles, news articles about your business or brand and of course, your own website.

Through ongoing link development to the positive pieces of content about you and creation of new content, you begin to suppress the negative information showing in search results.

Taking up the first page of results in searches related to you or your business name will ensure people see things from a much better perspective.

Is Reputation SEO Bad?

Whether it’s a poor review from an unhappy customer or a legal situation that has impacted your life in a negative way, things happen and information is published online. But who is to say the negative information has to be front and center in Google? Why not preserve your online reputation through search engine optimization?

SEO for reputation management is not bad by any means. It’s simply another form of promotion much like any other digital marketing strategy.

Who Uses Reputation SEO Services?

This form of online reputation management can be used by all business types and individuals.

Local marketing programs incorporate reputation management services to promote business profiles on Yelp, Google My Business and the Better Business Bureau. And enterprise SEO plans use this type of service to reduce the amount of negative reviews online. Businesses may also wish to use reverse SEO for disgruntled employee reviews too. Lastly, individuals who need to clean up their online reputations benefit from the promotion of positive articles and social media profiles.

For businesses and individuals, reputation search engine optimization helps you own your search engine results page (SERP).

Is Reputation Management a Form of Negative SEO?

You may have heard of the phrase negative SEO, a tactic used by competitors to try to hurt your rankings or brand through spammy techniques. Negative SEO typically happens by way of creating links from questionable websites and pointing them to a competitor’s site so as to hurt their reputation in Google.

Reputation management is not negative SEO.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite. We’re not trying to harm your competitors rankings or completely remove information about your business or brand, we are just suppressing the negative results to reposition your business in a positive light. We preserve your reputation by telling the story you want people to see.

Pricing for Reputation SEO Services

Because every business is different and the severity of negative online information varies, we custom quote each reputation SEO project. We’ll thoroughly analyze your business’s current landscape in search engines, identify both the negative and positive information that exists, then create a plan to get your reputation back in line.

We Value Your Confidentiality

We understand the negative information you need to suppress may be confidential and personal. To help build a relationship of trust, you can rest assured knowing your information is safe with us.