Google Estimates 65% of Traffic is Mobile

Mobile SEO

It’s no secret that mobile is a major area of growth for search marketing. According to a Googler at the Engage conference last week, mobile traffic is now ~65% of all searches on Google. This statistic, while not surprising, is up from previous estimates in 2015 where mobile was ~50% of all traffic.

The device type continues to grow as mobile devices become more ubiquitous. From iPhones to Android phones, everyone now uses a smart phone.

Google speaker just said “mobile is 65% of all searches today” #Engage2019
— Greg Sterling (@gsterling) August 1, 2019

Review Your Own Data

You have likely seen the same trend in your own analytics dashboards as more and more users are searching from mobile devices. Ensuring you have an easy mobile experience is critical to your success. Things like page speed, image sizes and user-friendly buttons have been proven to make a world of a difference for mobile UX and SEO.

Ensure Your Site is Mobile-Friendly

If it’s not abundantly clear, it’s important to have a mobile-first website. This is especially true for certain types of websites and the audiences they appeal to. For instance, if you’re running an e-commerce store on your site, you need to be sure it is fast, is friendly to use and the display on mobile is near pixel perfect. Outside of Google’s standards, you’ll also want to keep these things in mind for mobile apps and hire a developer to ensure things are functional at all times. While we do not work in mobile app development, it’s easy to find plenty of app developers. Use this link for a list of the top companies that specialize in this.

Whether or not you are part of Google’s mobile-first indexing, consider developing your site for mobile users first and then make the desktop experience equally easy to use.