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Have you recently searched for your Rocklin business on Google and wondered why you’re not showing up?

SEO is a discipline of digital marketing used by small-to-midsize businesses in Rocklin that seeks to increase organic traffic from search engines. Local Rocklin businesses like doctors’ offices, lawyers, restaurants and real estate agencies benefit from a well-developed website and search engine optimization strategy.

Rocklin SEO Consultant

Why is SEO Important for Rocklin Businesses?

Rocklin, California businesses use search engine optimization as an online marketing strategy to increase organic traffic. More organic traffic increases phone calls, leads and store visits. Proper SEO can be achieved through on-site technical improvements and crafting a well-made content strategy. These two facets of on-page SEO substantially improve the ability to capture more organic traffic.

Local marketing campaigns for Rocklin also entail growing a business’s digital footprint in the area. With on-page SEO in place, we better your online presence through claiming and optimizing a Google My Business page, leveraging social media marketing and acquiring links from directory sites or sites with local authority. With a prominent online presence, you’ll rank in no time.

The Octiv Process for Rocklin SEO Results

There are four key phases to any successful Rocklin SEO plan:

  • Technical Audit
  • Content Evaluation
  • Content Strategy Planning & Execution
  • Ongoing Off-Page Strategy

Leveraging this approach for your site’s SEO allows you to quickly improve its visibility in Google, attract more organic visitors and increase your number of customers. We also proudly provide our Rocklin clients with exceptional client service, bi-weekly progress calls and monthly reporting.

Who is Octiv Digital?

Octiv is a Sacramento SEO company who works with clients in the local Sacramento area including businesses in Roseville, Lincoln and Rocklin. We work with companies of all sizes and backgrounds to improve positioning for targeted keywords in Google. Our Rocklin clients also look to us for comprehensive marketing plans consisting of SEO, paid advertising programs and social media.

Pricing for Rocklin SEO Plans

Local SEO plans for Rocklin businesses begin at $500 / month for a 3-month minimum contract. We offer Starter, Intermediate and Pro packages:



Keyword Research


Meta Data Updates


Technical Audit


Claiming, Optimizing Google My Business


Google Analytics, Google Search Console Setup


Directory Listings & Citation Management


Blog Setup


Implement Structured Data Markup


Monthly Content Development


Monthly Backlink Development


Rank & Traffic Reporting


We will always recommend the right package based on the keywords you want to target and the competition in local Rocklin, CA search results.

How to Hire A Rocklin SEO Expert

Hiring a new SEO consultant for your business will likely be a considered decision. If you find yourself with questions about choosing the right digital marketing agency, check out this useful video from Google’s Maile Ohye:

Common Questions About Rocklin SEO

1. Why Does SEO Matter?

Google receives millions of search queries every day and many of these mention local businesses like those in Rocklin, CA. If your website isn’t shown in these localized results, you might be missing the opportunity to connect with new customers. A well-structured and locally focused SEO plan helps your site’s visibility in results.

2. How Much Does A Rocklin SEO Campaign Cost?

SEO techniques take time, expertise and precision. Our experts have to dig into your existing website, identify any technical / crawling issues it may face, clean up the current content you have and develop an ongoing strategy to position you as a viable competitor in local Rocklin, CA search results. Most of the upfront on-page work is done in the first 30 days of an SEO contract, followed by ongoing optimizations and developing a long-term off-page campaign to help promote the site. Our minimum rate for a locally focused SEO campaign is $500 per month.

3. Do I Need PPC Too?

While SEO is a long-term play to acquiring new traffic from Google, pay-per-click (PPC) allows you to pay for your position immediately. PPC requires advertisers to pay for each click they receive on a text ad in Google through an auction based system. It’s recommended to have a strategy for both paid advertising and organic search.

4. How Are Local SEO Services Priced?

We handle SEO campaigns on a retainer basis with minimum contracts starting at $500 per month. Pricing moves up depending on a variety of factors including backend framework implementation, the depth of technical issues on a site, competition with other sites in the industry, etc. The more time required for a campaign, the higher the price. Likewise, the easier the campaign is, the less you can expect to pay.

5. How Long Until I See Results?

We inform all of our clients of a realistic time frame for their campaigns. In most cases, changes we make to your site today do not show results in Google for 60-90 days. This timeframe may be longer or shorter depending on the sites you compete with, the keywords you wish to rank for and the difficulty of the changes made to your site. We keep you well-informed along the way so you know exactly how you are progressing.

6. Do I Need a New Website?

In rare cases we will recommend a complete site overhaul. If your site is built on years of patched code or you have been the recipient of a penalty from Google that is holding you back, you may benefit from a completely new site.

7. Who Works On My Site?

Our SEO experts dig into your site for technical enhancements and content development. Technical enhancements include understanding how your site is crawled by Google and capitalizing on any opportunities to preserve crawl budget, improve page speed, resolve broken code on the site, etc. We then improve your content through keyword research, competitor research and building out new pages that help you rank better.

8. How Do I Know SEO Works?

We provide transparent reporting so you know exactly how your campaign is performing and how pages rank in Google. You also receive monthly reporting showing increased impressions, clicks and conversions. We’ll align our reporting with your internal analytics tracking (typically Google Analytics) and set up dashboards you need to fully understand how our changes grow organic traffic.

9. What About Yelp, Facebook, Thumbtack, etc.?

Many sites receive traffic from these third party sites, but it’s difficult to measure how customers are reaching these sites and how to improve your presence on them. Ask yourself – what would happen if any of these pages closed down tomorrow? You need to manage your own branding and communication with customers through your own website and SEO strategy.

10. Are the Results Guaranteed?

Because we do not own Google or its proprietary algorithms, we simply cannot guarantee your rankings. In fact, no SEO expert can or should offer a guarantee. We’ll deliver a plan that sets you up for long-term success, keep your site on track with any algorithm updates from Google and be as transparent as possible about your results.

Rocklin Web Design & Development

Start a successful SEO campaign with a custom-made website. Consider us your Rocklin web design experts whether you are just starting off with digital marketing or redesigning an old site.

Rocklin Web Design

We build customized websites for businesses in Rocklin using WordPress. Our WordPress-based sites are fully-functional, responsive for any device and built with SEO in mind.

Find more information about our Rocklin web design and development services here.