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Have you recently searched for your Rancho Cordova business on Google and wondered why you’re not showing up?

Search engine optimization is a digital marketing strategy employed by small-to-midsize businesses in Rancho Cordova to increase organic traffic from search engines like Google. Local Rancho Cordova businesses including attorneys’ offices, real estate agents, auto body shops, restaurants and the like, all benefit from a well-built website and SEO strategy.

Rancho Cordova SEO Company

What is Rancho Cordova SEO?

Rancho Cordova, California businesses use search engine optimization to increase organic traffic. Increased organic traffic turns into more phone calls, leads and store visits. SEO is achieved through on-site technical enhancements and through planning / executing a well-made content strategy. These two components of on-page SEO improve a site’s ability to reach more customers on Google.

Local SEO plans for Rancho Cordova also mean improving the digital footprint a business has in the area. With on-page SEO tactics properly in place, we then work to enhance your online presence through social media marketing, claiming and optimizing a Google My Business page and acquiring high quality links from local authoritative sites.

The Octiv Process for Rancho Cordova SEO Results

There are four key phases to any successful Rancho Cordova SEO plan:

  • Technical Audit
  • Content Evaluation
  • Content Strategy Planning & Execution
  • Ongoing Off-Page Strategy

By using to this approach to your SEO plan, we improve your site’s ranking in Google, attract new visitors and further grow your customer base.

Who is Octiv Digital?

Octiv Digital is a Sacramento SEO agency that works with small-to-medium sized companies in the Sacramento area, including businesses in Rancho Cordova, Folsom and Roseville. We improve rankings and natural traffic for clients of all industries ranging from retail to professional services and everything in between. We also provide our Rancho Cordova clients additional forms of digital advertising including pay per click and YouTube ads.

Pricing for Rancho Cordova SEO Plans

Local SEO plans for Rancho Cordova businesses begin at $500 / month for a 3-month minimum contract. We offer Starter, Intermediate and Pro packages:



Keyword Research


Meta Data Updates


Technical Audit


Claiming, Optimizing Google My Business


Google Analytics, Google Search Console Setup


Directory Listings & Citation Management


Blog Setup


Implement Structured Data Markup


Monthly Content Development


Monthly Backlink Development


Rank & Traffic Reporting


We will always recommend the right package based on the keywords you want to target and the competition in local Rancho Cordova, CA search results.

How to Hire A Rancho Cordova SEO Company

If you are new to internet marketing and you’re trying to figure out how to hire the right SEO expert for your Rancho Cordova business, check out this useful video from Google’s Maile Ohye:

Frequently Asked Questions About Rancho Cordova SEO

1. Why Does SEO Matter?

Google receives millions of search queries every day and many of these mention local businesses like those in Rancho Cordova and the surrounding Sacramento, CA area. If your website isn’t ranking in these localized searches, you might be missing the opportunity to connect with new customers. Take a second to search “Rancho Cordova + [your service]” to see who is ranking.

2. How Much Does Rancho Cordova SEO Cost?

SEO techniques take time, expertise and precision to make sure things are trending in the right direction. Our experts have to dig into your existing website, identify any technical / crawling issues it may face, clean up the current content you have and develop an ongoing strategy to position you as a viable competitor in local search results. Due to the technical nature of this process, campaigns can range anywhere from $500 to $3,000 or more. The cost is really dependent on the keywords you want to target and the current competition.

3. Can I Use Pay-Per-Click At The Same Time?

Yes! We recommend PPC for your Rancho Cordova business to drive traffic immediately while SEO is performed in the background. While PPC delivers immediate traffic, SEO takes time to deliver long-term results. Using a strategy comprised of both SEO and PPC is a great way to dominate the search results.

4. How Are Local SEO Campaigns Tracked?

We use a variety of proprietary SEO tools to keep your campaign on track. We’ll provide you with bi-weekly search ranking reports for your desired keywords, as well as a monthly traffic report showing how organic traffic is improving for your website.

5. How Long Until I See Results from SEO?

Due to the ever-changing nature of Google and its algorithms, the best estimate to see results is a minimum of 90 days. Once Google crawls your information and caches it within its index, every change made thereafter takes time to get recrawled and re-evaluated.

6. What If I Have An Old Website?

In rare cases we will recommend a complete website overhaul. However, if the code on your site is preventing you from achieving SEO success, we will discuss options for developing a new website.

7. Who Works On My Site?

Our SEO experts dig into your site for technical enhancements and content development. Technical enhancements include understanding how your site is crawled by Google and capitalizing on any opportunities to preserve crawl budget, improve page speed, resolve broken code on the site, etc. We then improve your content through keyword research, competitor research and building out new pages that help you rank better.

8. Is Your Approach to SEO Considered White Hat?

We avoid any questionable SEO tactics that are not compliant with Google’s quality guidelines, therefore making our services White Hat. We do not participate in any questionable tactics with regard to link development.

9. What About My Yelp, Facebook & Thumbtack Pages?

Many sites receive traffic from these third party sites, but it’s difficult to measure how customers are reaching these sites and how to improve your presence on them. Ask yourself – what would happen if any of these pages closed down tomorrow? You need to manage your own branding and communication with customers through your own website and SEO strategy. Control your own content to help determine where it ranks in Google.

10. Are the Results Guaranteed?

Because we do not own Google or its proprietary algorithms, we simply cannot guarantee your rankings. In fact, no SEO expert can or should offer a guarantee and we advise you to steer clear of anyone making this offer. We’ll deliver a plan that sets you up for long-term success, keep your site on track with any algorithm updates from Google and be as transparent as possible about your results.

Rancho Cordova Web Design & Development

Any successful SEO campaign begins with a custom-made website on an SEO-friendly platform. If you are just starting out with a new website or need your existing site redesigned and rebranded, we would be happy to help.

Rancho Cordova Web Design

We create information-based websites for Rancho Cordova businesses on WordPress. Our sites are responsive (functional on any device) and always made with SEO best practices in mind.

Find more information about our Rancho Cordova web design services here.