Paid Media

What is Paid Media Advertising?

Paid media is any form of online marketing where you are paying a user to engage with your site. This most commonly comes from Google search and Facebook, where advertisers pay per click or per impression. Paid media is also inclusive of product listing ads, image banner placements and YouTube ads.

Paid Search Campaigns

At Octiv, we offer paid media campaigns for the following:

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

Keyword based ads in Google and Bing. Text ads appear on all devices (desktop/tablet/mobile) and work in an auction where the advertiser bids for their position. The bid (also called a CPC) is determined by several factors including other competitors in the space, the time of day, the geographic location being targeted, audience segmentation and the content of the landing page being targeted.


Shopping Campaigns (Product Listing Ads)

Shopping ads, also called product listing ads, are an effective form of advertising for e-commerce retailers. A feed of product information is sent to Google and Bing, segmented by key points in the feed (brand, category, price point, etc.) and then used to build ads creative. Similar to PPC, PLAs work in an auction-based system where the advertiser must bid on where they would like their product to show. The bid is also impacted by competitors in the space, the time of day the ad is shown, the geographic location being targeted, audience segmentation and the quality of the product data itself.


Display / Retargeting Ads

Banner ads help businesses of all sizes prospect for new customers. By using the Google Display Network (GDN), image-based ads are placed on relevant websites where customers are most likely to visit. The ads are highly tailored to specific audiences and are targeted to specific websites. The banner creative is also used for retargeting (showing ads to users who have already visited a site) to keep brands fresh on the mind of customers or to offer a reason for visitors to come back.


Video Ads

Get your brand in front of thousands of potential customers with a video-based ad on YouTube. These ads run before and during YouTube videos, and they are a great way to drive brand recognition for a relatively low cost. Video ads can also be targeted to specific audiences, only shown during specific times of the day, shown to specific geographic locations and include demographic targeting.


Learn more about each of these types of paid advertising and get started today. Please contact us for your custom proposal.