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Declining SEO Traffic

Why You Should Avoid Overnight SEO Scams

SEO is a field of digital marketing that has long been on the receiving end of negative opinions. From Google algorithm changes to link penalties, sites crashing to companies failing to renew domains, SEO can be a complicated form of marketing with multiple inherent risks. However, it’s a risk a lot of online businesses must…
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New Google Search Console UI

Google Has Sunsetted the Old Search Console

As reported by Barry Schwartz on Search Engine Land, Google has officially said goodbye to the long-running UI of its SEO tool, the Google Search Console. Formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools, the newest version of Search Console now offers its users a much cleaner experience with all most of the same features and reporting…
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How to Use Automated Bidding

How to Use Automation for Google Shopping Campaigns

The Beginning of Google Shopping Ads When it comes to e-commerce marketing, product listing ads (also referred to as Google Shopping) are paramount to successful online sales. Product ads have been part of Google Ads for over 5 years now, first introduced as a free service where advertisers would upload a data feed and rely…
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Site Migration Advice

5 Questions to Consider For a Website Migration

Migrating a site to a new host or server can be a huge lift most business owners would prefer to not deal with. You may be in the process of moving servers or hosts due to a business partnership gone awry, you may be moving due to server constraints with your current host or you…
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Mobile SEO

Google Estimates 65% of Traffic is Mobile

It’s no secret that mobile is a major area of growth for search marketing. According to a Googler at the Engage conference last week, mobile traffic is now ~65% of all searches on Google. This statistic, while not surprising, is up from previous estimates in 2015 where mobile was ~50% of all traffic. The device…
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