Content Management

What is Content Management?

Whether you operate a large-scale e-commerce website or a WordPress-driven site, we’re here to help. We offer solutions for daily, weekly and monthly site updates, as well as consulting services to help you and your development team get it right for your users (user experience).

You can also rest assured than any sort of site management we handle is done so with the best SEO practices in mind. From on-page content to making sure page load times remain as optimized as possible, we make sure we always get it right for search engines.

Site Maintenance

Proper maintenance and routine management of a site ensures you are putting your best foot forward with your customers. And because your website is your first impression with new customers, it’s critical to keep your website updated and fresh. Routine site maintenance is inclusive of checking internal links, validating HTTP responses (to make sure you don’t have 404 error pages), updating plugins and verifying analytics tracking is working properly.

Content Management

What Is UX and Why Is It Important?

User experience (UX) is understanding the way users interact with your site and enhancing the site to fit their needs. This may mean optimizing the site for shoppers of your products, changing out color palettes on the site (e.g., using too much red can be distracting to users), making the checkout process as easy as possible (for e-commerce websites), etc.

What is even more important about UX is tracking the results and the performance of any user-driven tests. If UX changes do not result in an enhanced experience for visitors of your site, we’re confident we can find and implement the changes that will have a positive impact. Through A/B testing, setting out proper test plans and the right analytics, you’ll have no problem making the users of your site happier about their experience.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud (Demandware) Consulting

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Management

We have a proven track record of implementing Salesforce Commerce Cloud (formerly Demandware) for e-commerce retailers with sound SEO strategy in mind and can consult on any SFCC related projects. We would be happy to set up a consultation to help you with the migration process as it can be a big task, or we can simply offer our take on how to manage the day-to-day functions in Business Manager like content slots, content assets and scheduling promotions. It’s a robust platform with many options – let us know how we can help!

Pricing for Content Management Services

Site management and UX services are offered on a consulting-based fee (due to the wide variety of content management systems on the market) and priced out project-by-project.

Please contact us for your custom proposal.